What is Awaken the Toys?

It began with a picture my daughter created. A picture of my cat taking a dump. On my carpet.  After that there were pictures of monsters and odd things “I swear that’s you mummy! See the big round tummy??”  Kids have imaginations that run to the strange and wonderful, so I thought to myself, maybe I can bring that strange and wonderful to life.

Custom toys created from kids artwork is a unique and fun way to memorialise their imaginations. Each custom toy comes with its own blog post story and a certificate of authentication and some fun statistics to help the toy jump off the page.

Creating custom toys from kids artwork is only one part of Awaken the Toys. The heart of Awaken the Toys is the line of toys dubbed The Abby & Lee Collection, dedicated to my children. This line of toys are a combination of my own designs and the input of my small humans. The Abby & Lee collection continues to grow and change, so check back regularly or subscribe to the blog to keep up-to-date with all the goings on.


rouse from sleep; cause to stop sleeping.”Anna was awakened by the telephone”
synonyms: ▪ arouse, rouse, call/bring into being, draw/call forth, bring out, engender, generate, evoke, trigger, stir up, inspire, stimulate, excite, kindle, fire, touch off, spark off; revive;

Meet the maker

Deliah Boni

Artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Once a web & graphic designer now a multi-tasker extraordinaire, kick ass negotiator and kid-wrangler.

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