Every custom toy is unique

Currently I am not taking any orders for custom toys until 2020.

Creating a custom toy from your kids’ artwork is not only an enjoyable process but quite an involved one. As one toy is never like another. If you would like to have your own custom toy created, there are 3 pricing options available. If you would like more than one of your custom created, please contact me deliah@awakenthetoys.com.au and we can discuss your options.

Custom toy pricing

Meet the baby in the range.

This toy is a maximum height or width of 20cm.

Our most popular sized toy.

This toy is a maximum height or width of 40cm.

They don’t get bigger than this.

This toy is a maximum height or width of 60cm.

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Scarlett Sparrow
Nanna & Poppy
Cheekoo D-2
Lady Valentine
Mr Electro
The Cowicorn

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Want to turn that artwork into a Toy?

Follow the easy steps below to get on your way

Sending in your artwork

  • Take a picture of your artwork.
  • Fill out the order form on the shop page, where you will upload your artwork.
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm the receipt of your artwork and, if required, a request for any additional information.
  • Artwork needs to be approved for production and you will be emailed with an estimated toy completion date and invoice.
  • Construction of your toy will begin upon receipt of payment.
  • Now you wait while your toy is created!

Toy construction process

  • Your artwork is inspected and interpreted.
  • The planning process begins and a one of a kind pattern is created for your toy.
  • The hunt is on for the perfect materials to make the transition from paper to reality.
  • After all the elements are gathered, your toy will be assembled by hand.
  • Your toy will need to pass creative approval and tested for durability.
  • Your toy is given a certificate of authenticity, a personal stats card and care instructions, then packed for the journey home.
  • Once ready to ship we will let you know and your toy will be on its way!
  • You will be sent a link to a gallery of images of your finished toy to enjoy, as well as a blogpost giving your toy it's own backstory.
  • All photography and blogging for your toy will be featured on our website and other social media platforms.

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