• Alphabite Q in Grey (Steel Blue)

  • Alphabite Q in Grey (Steel Blue)

  • Alphabite Q in Grey (Steel Blue)

  • Alphabite Q in Maroon

Project Description

Alphabite Q is what Alphabite C would call querulous. He is an absolute sook and can’t help whining about everything. Especially about the fact that the Alphabites landed on our planet, and if he was in command the Alphabites would have landed on a far less populated planet, with much nicer inhabitants. It seems that he had a run in with an angry monkey and he will not let anyone forget it.

Alphabite Q will complain about all the other Alphabites, he thinks Alphabite A needs to lay off the drink, Alphabite D needs to lay off the preaching, Alphabite G looks like a hyenas backside and so on… don’t even ask what he thinks about Alphabite Z, that will take up a few weeks of ranting.

Even though Alphabite Q likes to complain, he will always get the job done. Most of the Alphabites come to him if Alphabite C isn’t around and they all say he is efficient and quick at his work, and will recommend him for many handy jobs around the house… if you can stand the complaining that is.

Read about him and his fellow Alphabites on the blog.

Project Details