• Rainbow Biteicorn Keychain

  • Biteicorn Keychain Rainbow

Project Description

Deep in the forests of the planet Monoceros in the Bite Galaxy, roam small mysterious creatures called Biteicorns… these keychain Biteicorns are the super portable sort.

Biteicorns are bite-sized versions of what we humans call Unicorns, with a few differences thrown in for good measure. No legs to speak of… actually no real defined body to be honest. Mostly just a blob shape with a face and a glorious horn sticking jauntily from the top of its bulbous form.

Biteicorns have been known to shoot glitter from their horn-tips when they sneeze, so if you see a trail of glitter you can be sure a Biteicorn is not far away. Biteicorns love to lick things, trees, grass, walls, faces… they’re not fussy really. Just not the sharpest tools in the shed. They go bananas over any kind of sweet so keep a sharp eye on your candy collection.

Most importantly Biteicorns love the ocean, but they must NOT get wet! Once a Biteicorn did dip its blobby body in the water and its horn promptly fell off, demoting him to a simple Bite.

Project Details