• Cheekoo D-2. The artwork.

    Cheekoo D-2. The artwork.

  • Facing-off the artwork.... I

    Facing-off the artwork.... I'm looking at you.

  • She can whip off her suit quick-smart and blend with the rest of the hens.

    Cheekoo D-2.

  • After a hard night saving the galaxy it

    Cheekoo D-2.

  • She

    Cheekoo D-2.

  • You love my little D-2 details. Touch them and you might sent off an alarm!

    Cheekoo D-2.

  • An action shot. This girl is on the move from one coop to another.

    Cheekoo D-2.

  • Like my removable outfit? It has a handy velcro strip down the front for a quick change.

    Cheekoo D-2.

Project Description

She’s on a mission to fight the Galactic Eggpire and the ruthless Darth Fowler.

Cheekoo D-2 is a custom toy made from original artwork.

Read her story on the blog.


Project Details