• Jollybite Purple and the other Jollybites

  • So many Jollybites!

Project Description

Meet Jollybite Purple. These guys are made to hangout on your christmas tree.

The Jollybites are the Bite Galaxy’s equivalent of the rabbit. On planet Alfabetas they are known to spawn uncontrollably once every 26 months.  On Alfabetas a year has 26 months and each month is 26 days long.

The Jollybites really live up to their name, they are super jolly! If you are quiet enough, you will here them chanting little jingles in unison. Jollybites love hanging out on trees and dropping jollybombs on unsuspecting Alphabites, their favourite target is Null as he refuses to believe they even exist and will declare “the sky is falling” every time they jollybomb him.

The Jollybites have taken to life on planet Earth with ease and have declared themselves the official Alphabite Christmas mascot.

Get one or get a pack of 4!

Available for purchase from October 2018 for the Christmas season.

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