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    Mrs Nibble

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  • Mrs Nibble

Project Description

This lovely lady is Mrs Nibble, previously known as Julienne Capuhare. Her story begins with a long feud between house Montahop and Capuhare. The steel-grey furred Montahop’s from the North, who rely on their noble bloodline, taxes and their strangle-hold of key trade posts to keep them in power, look down upon the creamy white-furred Capuhare’s of the South, who are the labourers of the land and the most powerful agricultural family in the country. The feud began over a simple dispute about the quality of carrots delivered to the Montahops, which grew generation upon generation until no-one could pin down when it began, or if it truly was about carrots at all.

Enter our two little bunnies. Julienne Capuhare and Romarrot Montahop, they met at a hutch-ball and they were instantly besotted. Where the classic Shakespearean tale would see our lovers take their lives in a tragic (totally avoidable) way, these two bunnies put their little noses together, engaged the services of their dear friends Mr & Mrs Growl, who would smuggle them out of the country, and supply them with new identities as Mr & Mrs Nibble. The Growls also managed to save the lives of 2 street-bunnies and they assumed the identity of Julienne Capuhare & Romarrot Montahop. Those Growls, always full of surprises.

Project Details

  • DateMarch 2014
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  • ClientsThemeforest
  • TechnologyPHP, Mobile