• Null in all his evil glory

  • Keeping his eye on you... he doesn't like anyone

  • Null likes to plan the downfall of the Alphabites

  • Thinks he is one sneaky guy

  • Thinks his sidekick Void is a complete idiot

  • May be evil, but still has a hidden Tooth Fairy pocket for storing teeth so the Tooth Fairy can exchange them for cash

Project Description

This guy is a piece of work. Separated from his twin sister at birth, and having never known his father this guy has one serious chip on his shoulder and he likes to take his problems out on the family pig by threatening to turn him into bacon.

Null has an extreme dislike for the Alphabites, as he and those of his kind have no letter designation. However, Null generally hates everyone and only tolerates Void because of his undying devotion to Null.

Null, Void and their brethren are from the planet Finite in the Bite Galaxy where the Alphabites also live.

Since arriving on Earth, Null has devoured all kinds of media and will quote random movie lines, making him feel superior and intelligent. He has quite a large amount of money as he has no problem accepting bribes. Null is pretty moody and lazy, unless you tell him there is an Alphabite involved; he’s all action then.

Null spends his quiet moments planning the downfall of the Alphabites and learning how to line-dance. He also fell of a roof and landed on his head as a child, attempting to fly with out the aid of any aircraft. It is suspected this is what turned on his ‘evil’ switch.

Project Details